The Dark 7 inch Lathe Cut (19 Copies Left!)


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This is a five song Lathe Cut single available for pre-order right now. Limited to 20 copies. Pre-orders will be delivered at the beginning of September 2020. Official release date is 03/05/2021. Oh, and if you forgot, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

What Are Lathe Cut Records ? (information from

Short run lathe cut records are made from clear polycarbonate plastic and recorded one at a time. They are made by cutting into lacquer or embossing grooves into plastic, using a record cutting lathe. These lathes were normally used in the vinyl record manufacturing process, to cut the lacquer/acetate master discs used to make the metal stampers used by the pressing plants. Clear polycarbonate records start out as a square, then it is trimmed into a round disc after it's recorded.

Record cutting is a process which utilizes a sharp sapphire stylus to engrave or emboss sound grooves onto a disk. Lathe cut records are an alternative to pressing records.

In record cutting, a moving voice coil is used to drive a stylus which engraves the sound waves into the revolving disk. This method has long been used for producing lacquer masters, which are then used to make metal stampers for pressing vinyl records. Most of the machines used for this purpose were manufactured pre-1960.

Since the 1980's many people have begun experimenting with these lathes to produce one-offs records, using clear polycarbonate plastic, using materials such as picnic plates, squares sheets, and X-Ray film.